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If Israel attacks, Iran’s response instantaneous

6 April 2010 16:56

A senior Iranian official warns of immediate retaliation against Israel, should it dare to launch an attack on Iran.

Referring to Iran as a ballistic missile power, Hojat. Mojtaba Zolnour, the acting representative of the Leader in the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps (IRGC), said in a Monday address in the holy city of Qom that despite the difficulty some foreigners have in accepting Iran’s advances, they should be reminded that as a country that has developed and produced satellite carrier rockets, Iran has become a ballistic power, Fars News Agency reported today.

“They know that, if they try their luck and lob a single missile towards Iran, before the dust clears here, the dust of our missiles will rise from the heart of Tel Aviv,” Zolnour emphasized.

Turning to the post-presidential protests, he expounded on enemy’s efforts in waging a ‘soft war’ through the use of the Internet and other electronic gadgets by fabricating facts to foment divisions and unrest in the country.

“If today the enemy uses the arena of the ‘soft war’ it is because we have not clarified the grounds and the tools of the soft war for our people,” Zolnour continued.

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