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Israeli settlers attack Sheikh Jarrah protesters

6 April 2010 7:36

Israeli settlers have attacked a group of activists protesting Tel Aviv’s confiscation of Palestinian land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem (al-Quds).

Five people were slightly injured on Monday after extremist Jews insulted and later clashed with international and Palestinian activists who had gathered to protest the continued demolition of Palestinian houses in al-Quds.

The settlers stormed the neighborhood near homes belonging to two Palestinian families, both slated for demolition and confiscation by the Israeli government.

Israeli police was soon called in. The forces dispersed the crowd and arrested a Palestinian activist identified as Nasser al-Ghawi, 45.

Israeli security forces had earlier arrested Michael Solsberry at his home in the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement on charges of organizing protests against the takeover of Palestinian land in Sheikh Jarrah.

Around 100 activists have been arrested during Sheikh Jarrah protests, over the past one and half years; but most have been released after appearing before court.

The Palestinian Authority’s legal advisor on al-Quds affairs said in March that the homes of some 20,000 Palestinians were likely to be ordered demolished by Israeli courts.

Israeli municipality officials accuse the Palestinians of violating construction rules over the past 10 years and cite the need for renewable licenses, which Israeli Arabs are seldom able to obtain.

The figure does not include homes whose owners have already received final demolition orders from Israeli courts or the Israeli municipality in al-Quds, Ahmad Ruweidi noted.

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