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Many countries do not admit Zionist tourists

11 April 2010 10:19

Many countries and hotels have classified Zionist tourists as undesired guests due to their bad behavior.

According to a report released by the al Quds al Arabiya daily, the behavior of Israeli tourists in other countries is very undesirable so that many countries deny their admission.

The daily in its website added most hotels and restaurants put signboards which read they would not accept Israelis due to their misbehavior.

According to Israel’s Tourism Ministry, the misconduct has extended to airports so that Israelis smuggle goods to escape paying tax.

The Yediot Ahronot daily also reported that the Israeli tourists steal over 300,000 towels each year from their own country’s hotels.

Meanwhile, Jordan officially objected to Tel Aviv for misbehavior of Israeli tourists saying they create most problems in the country.

The disgrace is too extensive that the Zionist government has called on its citizens to hide their nationality when they enter a country.

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