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Iran to unveil new military equipment

12 April 2010 14:07

A senior commander says Iran will soon unveil a series of advanced home-built equipment; including drones, radar defense systems and light weaponry.

Commander of Iran’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said Monday that the equipment will be displayed at Sunday’s Military Day parade.

He said the new drones, which can transmit footage from remote places, could be used for surveillance purposes.

Pourdastan also warned that Iran will react to any possible aggressor and collaborator by targeting their interests.

“Iran’s ground forces have the capability of defending 8,700 kilometers (5,400 miles) of the country’s borders and will not let [the enemy] infiltrate the country,” he said.

“In case of any attack on Iran, we will target the interests of the aggressive state. Any country which supports the attack will be regarded as our enemy.”

The US and Israel, accusing Iran of seeking nuclear weaponry, have threatened to attack the country. Tehran, which says its program is for the civilian applications of the technology, says it will deliver a crushing response to any act of aggression.

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