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Press TV popular in Afghanistan

13 April 2010 0:16

Press TV is becoming increasingly popular among the Afghan people, who believe the channel provides them with unbiased and comprehensive news coverage.

A large number of Afghans including officials and university students watch the Iranian news channel through cable networks and satellite.

“Among all TV channels such as CNN, BBC and Aljazeera, Press TV is the best because it reflects the reality for people especially those in the Middle East,” an Afghan businessman told Press TV’s correspondent.

Some Afghans, however, believe Press TV does not have enough experience compared to other TV channels.

“I do not watch Press TV because it is younger than other international news channels,” a young Afghan viewer said.

Press TV represents a source for reliable news and analysis for its regular viewers, who believe its credibility and reputation are not only for impartiality and professionalism but also for fair and comprehensive coverage of the events in Afghanistan and around the world.

According to Afghan lawmaker Shokria Barakzai, Press TV’s inherent democratic policies provide a platform so that “different people with different opinions can raise their voices.”

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