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Iran produces two new vaccines

17 April 2010 2:22

The first Iranian Biotechnology Exhibition “Iran Biotech 2010” was wrapped up with representation of two vaccines as new achievements of Iran.

Vice President for science and technology, Nasrin Soltankhah said after semi industrial production of the two vaccines of Iriba and Interferon-gamma, the vaccines are now in the phase of industrial production.

She added by mass production of the two vaccines, Iran would no more need to import them.

The exhibition brought together over 80 private companies, 18 centers of science and technology parks, 30 state institutions and 10 foreign companies, she stated.

Soltankhah continued that Iranian companies showed industrial and laboratory equipments required for researches and production of biotechnology products.

She further said in 2009 IRI was ranked 23rd in the field of biotechnology.

Iran Biotech 2010 is a regional biennial science and technology event in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the only one of its kind in Iran which creates new frontiers for national and regional challenges and opening up new opportunities.

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