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We will keep loyal for our prisoners

Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades confirmed today , Saturday, April 17, 2010 that it will keep loyal for Palestinian prisoners by deeds not words.

The brigades addressed the Palestinian prisoners on the occasion of prisoners day saying that” If the unworthy negotiations exceeded your case , the brigades will never exceed your right of freedom to remain the main lever for Jihad in the occupied Palestine”.

Liberation will be very soon, and we are doing hardly to release you back from the Zionist jails to see you living happy life with your families, they reported.

Abu Obeida the spokesman of Al Qassam brigades added in a press release for Al Qassam website 17/4 that the cruel dealing by the Zionist occupation for our prisoners in Zionist jails especially for those who belong to Qassam brigades is a sign for weakness ,immortality and inhumanity .

Occupation intimidation for our isolated and chained prisoners is a reaction to the inability to dissuade them from their goals and principles, and that it has reached a deadlock in the war on Palestinian resistance which considers Palestinian prisoners as one of it’s important symbols.

The spokesman during his speech, said that” the exchange is not the only and final hope, there is still hope in God and in military wings of Mujahideen. It is not a wish, but that hope will remain motivated to work for liberation and release of all Palestinian and Muslim prisoners from the prisons of oppression, and our policy in this regard is clear, and we have a consistent strategy in dealing with the issue of prisoners. ”

Abu Obeida cabled greetings to the heroes of prisons and loyal men of Palestine who spend their youth behind the Zionist bars.

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