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Iran to export wheat to 3 Arab states

18 April 2010 17:05

Iran is to resume exporting two million tons of wheat to three neighboring countries after a three-year halt, a deputy commerce minister has said.

“The government has issued authorization for exporting two million tons of wheat to Oman, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates during (the Iranian month of) Ordibehesht (April 21 to May 21),” Hamid Alikhani told IRNA on Sunday.

He added the country’s wheat production was expected to reach 9 to 12 million tons, leaving enough supplies for exports.

Alikhani noted that all wheat exports will be carried out by the private sector.

Iran exported its first wheat shipment of 40,000 tons to Oman in 2007. The Persian Gulf country purchased an additional 160,000 tons from Iran during the same year.

Later, a cold winter followed by drought decreased Iran’s agricultural output, including wheat production, forcing the country to stop the crop’s exports.

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