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Al Mahdi Scouts fourth annual art and activity fair

22 April 2010 20:18

As part of its regular activities, Al Mahdi Scouts held on Thursday 22 April 2010, the opening of its Fourth Annual Art and Activity Fair in Sayyed Shuhada complex, Beirut Southern Suburb.

The opening ceremony was under the auspices of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc member, MP Ali Fayyad and Al Mahdi Scout Organization’s Head Commissioner, Nazih Fayyad. Representatives from Jihad Binaa and Lebanese Scouts Federation were also present, in addition to Minister of Youth and Sports representative, Fadya Hallal.

The opening ceremony started with reading Quran verses, followed by Lebanese national anthem and Scouts’ anthems, after that a video report about last year’s Third Annual Art and Activity Fair.

In an interview with “”, Al Mahdi Scouts’ Beirut Commissioner, Ammar Jawad, said, “The fair constitutes of 54 activity galleries aiming at developing abilities and talents”. Jawad said in a speech he delivered that he was thankful for all participants and organizers, who helped in developing it.

On his behalf, MP Ali Fayyad, praised the achieved fair, stressing, “Al Mahdi Scouts organization represents a major lead in the path of resistance”.

This year’s fair is supposed to open its doors until April 3, where the last day will be a special day for “The Talented” children, who will participate in a special program with their special talents.

The art fair consists of many art and expressive activity galleries, separated in corners in order to give the youth a chance to participate in all activities.

Some of these corners are specialized with arts, drawings and sculpture, while other corners are concerned with mental talents such as the “expressive theatre”, the “author”, and the “free speech platform”.

Technology also took part in the fair, where corners for computer, radio, and TV, were set, aiming at helping the youth in developing their academic and technical abilities. Like any other child-caring organization, Al Mahdi scouts made sure to make way for books to take place, to encourage children and stress on the importance of books in one child’s developing life.

The art and activity fair represents a bigger scale of the daily life, for housekeeping has its own corner, where children take place in cooperation and organization. Doctor, teacher, technician, mechanic, librarian, leader, singer, author, laboratory scientist, story teller, and many other corners will help in developing children’s knowledge and intellect regarding such issues through participation.

“Ibdaa”, a new art society concerned with developing writing and poetry talents for different ages and aims, also takes part in the fair with its own corner to present itself to all participants and visitors.

Because scouts are known of their out-door activities and camping, Al Mahdi scouts organized a corner to demonstrate for non-scouts participants in the fair, its activities and major agendas of the organization.

For those who have not had the chance to try “Rap jumping”, an aluminum foiled wall was built to make up it possible to those interested.

Among corners, the mosque is beautifully demonstrated, along with the Quran, lighting a very spiritual atmosphere, introducing to Imam Al Mahdi’s (AS) corner.

One of Al Mahdi scouts leaders and organizers of the fair said, “Each year participants of the fair increase, and each year we are willing to increase our scouts activities to develop social, educational, spiritual, religious, scouts abilities, and all what the youth might take use of during developing years”.

Organizers are hoping that this year’s fair would bring along big numbers of participants. It is also expected that schools and different scouting federations would be participating in the fair’s activities while it rolls.

* will be providing a daily report on the different activities that will take place in the ten-day fair.

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