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Aoun defends Hezbollah rights to arm

22 April 2010 0:13

A senior Lebanese politician says Hezbollah cannot be disarmed as it is the only viable option in confronting a possible Israeli aggression.

Michel Aoun, the leader of Lebanon’s Change and Reform bloc, said Lebanon’s Armed Forces (LAF) currently does not have necessary means to withstand any Israeli attack.

In an interview with Asharq al-Awsat published on Wednesday, he said the armed forces are only equipped to quell internal strife.

“Lebanon is entitled to arm itself to defend its people, territory and sovereignty,” he said.

The remarks come as speculations run high that Israel may be planning to launch a military conflict with either Lebanon or Syria.

Former minister Wiam Wahhab warned that Hezbollah would massively retaliate against any aggression.

“The Resistance will exist as long as the Tel Aviv regime does,” Wahhab warned.

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