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Gazans unify in anti-Israel protest

22 April 2010 9:51

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in the northern Gaza Strip to protest the expulsion of Palestinians without Israeli documents from the West Bank.

More than 1,500 activists from different Palestinian factions, including Hamas, Fatah and the Islamic Jihad movement, joined protestors who marched to the Erez border crossing on Wednesday.

The demonstrators shouted anti-Israeli slogans and called for unity among Palestinian factions.

“We have all come together to show political rift does not stop us from standing up to the racist Israeli regime,” said Ismail Radwan, a senior Hamas official, quoted by a Press TV correspondent in the Gaza Strip.

In the rival Fatah party, acting Palestinian Authority chief has also lashed out at the expulsion of Palestinians from West Bank by the Israeli army, describing it as a provocation by Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian Authority has warned to lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council.

The remarks come amid mounting calls from impatient Palestinians who have been demanding that feuding factions put away their differences and form a united front against the Israeli aggression.

“We must reconcile in order for our people to be steadfast and strong in the face of powers who want to erase the Palestinian cause,” Hesham Abdel Rezaq, a Fatah official, said.

Khalid al-Batsh from the Islamic Jihad movement highlighted the significance of armed resistance against the Israeli enemy and called on Muslim and Arab nations to support the Palestinian cause.

Israel has expelled some 200 Palestinians from the West Bank in the past week.

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