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Al Mahdi Scouts Fourth Art and Activity Fair Diary: Day Two

24 April 2010 16:57

On its second day, Al Mahdi Scouts’ Fourth Art and Activity fair rolled on, receiving huge amounts of participating families with their children. Batoul, Al Mahdi Scouts’ Social Development Commissioner, visited the fair and praised the good work the organizers have done.

Of its 54 corners, there are 5 under the names of, “The story teller”, “My Library”, “The Doctor”, “The Laboratory”, and “World of Drawing”.

Each corner represents an experiment to each child participant, in order to achieve a “signature”, allowing him or her to go on to the other corner, collecting signatures, and finally receiving a present.

In “The Story Teller”, the child is asked to put on a uniform and narrate a story with audience to listen to. In “My Library” on the other hand, the child must chose a book or story and read it in order to achieve the signature. “The Doctor” is a role playing corner, where the child takes the role of the doctor with the uniform, kits, and experiments.

“The Laboratory” is set to introduce children with basic laboratory experiments in order to develop their scientific knowledge. On the other side of the fair, “The world of drawing” is an expressive gallery corner, for all those who like to express their thoughts and feelings through drawing.

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