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Bashir gains momentum in Sudan poll

24 April 2010 15:36

Sudanese President Umar Hassan al-Bashir is expected to win the presidential polls as his party makes gains in most of Darfur’s region.

The election commission announced that Bashir’s ruling National Congress Party had won governor posts in North and West Darfur with results from the south yet to be released.

Meanwhile, the ruling party in South Sudan has retained the governorship of the oil-producing Unity State, which is situated on the border between north and south Sudan and is capable of a rough output of 480,000 oil barrels per day.

In the same state, clashes between the supporters of an independent candidate and security forces have led to two deaths.

On Wednesday, the rival parties finally agreed to accept the results and accelerate the push for a conclusive peace agreement to put an end to the civil war between south and north.

The April 11th polls, described by the UN as one of the most complex elections ever held, were the country’s first multi-party presidential, parliamentary and regional elections since 1986.

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