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We shall foil Israeli deportation decision

24 April 2010 10:47

Ismael Haneyya, the legitimate Palestinian prime minister, asserted Thursday that his government would foil the Israeli deportation decision against Palestinians living in the West Bank as they did before in Marj Al-Zohoor in 1992.

“We will break that decision with our resoluteness because the Palestinian generation of today will not allow that decision to pass”, said Haneyya as he paid tribute to Palestinian poet Abdul Rahman Baroud who passed away few days ago.

He also underlined that a tent will be established at Beit Hanoun crossing point for those expelled by the Israeli occupation forces from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip as an indication of rejecting the Israeli decision.

In 1992, the government of the perished Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin deported 415 Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders to southern Lebanon but were forced to bring them back few months later after they decided to remain at the borders and not to enter Lebanon.

Moreover, Haneyya reiterated his government’s readiness to achieve the Palestinian national harmony, underlining that his government and Hamas Movement were moving on three tracks to achieve it.

However, he said that the true challenges that face the Egyptian paper was how to stop all forms of security coordination between the PA security forces in the West Bank and the Israeli occupation troops against the Palestinian resistance and Hamas members there.

As far as the anticipated visit of US envoy George Mitchell to the region, Haneyya undermined the visit, stressing that the meetings between Mitchell and the PA officials in Ramallah was meant to give political cover to the Israeli policies against the Palestinian people and land.

“What kind of peace negotiations they were talking about while the Israeli enemy judaizes Jerusalem everyday, builds settlements everyday, and expels Palestinians from their homeland???”, Haneyya questioned.

Finally, Haneyya hailed Baroud for the precious contributions he extended to the Palestinian issue and people, saying that the late poet sent a message to Hamas before his death urging it to preserve three crucial aspects, the first, he said, was an advice to Hamas to preserve unity among all Palestinian parties, especially with the Islamic Jihad Movement; the second was to preserve the moderate Islam that Hamas was and still is adopting and not to allow extremism penetrate the Palestinian land; and the third was to preserve Palestinian national constants and not to give them up at any cost.

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