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Chavez weighs in on Colombian vote

26 April 2010 2:57

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has warned of a possible war in Latin America if Colombia’s former defense minister, Juan Manuel Santos, wins the presidency.

Victory by Santos in the May 30 Colombian presidential election “could lead to war” in the region, said Chavez on his “Hello Mr. President” weekly television and radio broadcast on Sunday.

Election of Santos to Colombian presidency could lead to a war in this part of the world, the popular socialist leader proclaimed, addressing the upcoming Colombian election and the conservative candidate who is a close political ally of current President Alvaro Uribe.

Chavez also demanded an apology from Santos for a cross-border military strike on the Ecuadorian soil.

Santos is accused by Ecuador and Venezuela of having carried out a March 2008 air raid on the clandestine militant encampment that killed the number two official of the FARC, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Raul Reyes.

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