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Larijani says post-US era upon us

26 April 2010 0:14

The Iranian parliament (Majlis) speaker says the world is now in a “post-US era,” where Washington can no longer dictate its policies on other nations.

Speaking on Sunday in Iran’s central city of Yazd, Ali Larijani called on the US authorities to “respect Iran’s rights.”

Larijani was speaking on the 30th anniversary of a failed US attempt, known as Operation Eagle Claw, in 1980 to rescue 52 Americans held hostage in Tehran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

A sandstorm hit and brought down the helicopters, killing eight American servicemen. The units involved in the operation were the US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

“New powers have risen and the Americans cannot go on without them. Instead of understanding the situation, they want to deceive,” Larijani said.

“But we have passed this stage. Americans must understand that we are now living in a post-US era and they cannot dictate to other countries,” the speaker added.

“US authorities should know that they cannot bully others. They must respect Iran’s rights,” he said referring to US efforts to push the international community on tougher sanctions against Tehran.

Larijani also warned about what he described as “US plots” against countries in the Middle East.

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