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Qassam sends a message to Israeli society

Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas movement intend today Sunday 25/4 to send a message to the Zionist society . The directed message is a video includes many short messages to the Zionist society and the Zionist government .

First message shows that Gilad Shalit will have similar fate to the missed Zionist pilot Ron Arad ,who lost in South Lebanon many years ago.

The second shows that the price for the arrested soldier Gilad Shalit is very high and will be paid sooner or later if demands not achieved.

The third message shows that there is still hope for the Zionist society and the government for achieving exchange deal to free their arrested soldier from detention.

The video finally shows that the Zionist government will establish new ministry for prisoners and missings as a result for their arrogance .

Al Qassam through this important message wants to say that as long the Zionist occupation refuse to achieve the demands of the Palestinian résistance factions, more Zionist soldiers are going to be arrested for releasing Palestinian prisoners from Zionist jails.

Zionist occupation still refusing to fulfill the demands of the Palestinian resistance factions to release Palestinian prisoners since 27th of June 2006.

Palestinian prisoners in Zionist jails count more than 10 thousands, what Israel refuses to release, while they are going crazy for one Zionist soldier who was intending to kill Palestinian children in Gaza.

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