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Resistance to continue until defeat of occupation

27 April 2010 9:26

Hamas reasserted on Monday that its resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land would continue until final defeat of occupation regardless of murders and demolition of homes.

Hamas, in a statement on Monday, hailed the Qassam martyr Ali Al-Sweiti, who was killed in a confrontation with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) after a battle that lasted for hours and only after the IOF troops razed the house where he was entrenched.

The movement held the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) fully responsible for the new aggression and held the Oslo team, led by former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, also responsible for maintaining security coordination with the IOA.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council, condemned the “brutal assassination crime” of Suweiti, who was one of the prominent commanders of the Qassam Brigades the armed wing of Hamas.

In a press release, Bahar lashed out at the Ramallah authority for bragging about discovering a huge arms cache for the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank, and urged the resistance to prepare for new rounds of battles with the IOF.

Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri also accused the Ramallah authority of involvement in the assassination of Suweiti, describing it as a fruit of the PA security coordination with the IOA.

Hamas’s parliamentary bloc charged that the IOF soldiers’ murder of Sweiti fell in line with attempts to subjugate the Palestinian people.

It called in a statement on Monday on the human rights groups and the world community to condemn the Israeli crimes and put an end to them instead of always blaming the victim, which only encourages the real culprits to go ahead in their crimes.

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