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Netanyahu versus Hamas

28 April 2010 2:44

It should be amply clear by now that the current Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu combines many of the characters that would make any human being detestable if not evil.

He is undoubtedly a pathological liar, a virulent, odious racist as well as arrogant Jewish supremacist.

He claims to be speaking on behalf of Jews and defending them when in fact most of what he says and does goes directly against the Ten Commandments which prohibit lying, stealing and oppression.

A few days ago, Netanyahu lambasted Hamas for airing on its TV screens an “insensitive cartoon,” which warned Israel that Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian resistance fighters near Gaza more than three years ago, could eventually die in captivity if Israel didn’t release some of the estimated 8000 Palestinian hostages and prisoners languishing in Israeli dungeons and concentration camps.

Reacting to the cartoon, a manifestly arrogant Netanyahu remarked that the release of the cartoon “attested more than anything to the character of this terrorist organization.”

Well, we are, after all, living in a strange, twisted time where accomplished and aggregate war criminals have the audacity to accuse their victims of “terror.” In psychology, this is called “projection,” and Zionists in general have been quite skillful in ascribing to others the very same ills and evils that constitute the modus operandi of their behavior and general discourse.

Netanyahu is well known as an extremist, racist, jingoist and fascist politician who has inherited these abominable characters from his family. He is a terrorist at heart, who denies the very humanity of non-Jews.

What else one would say of the leader of a country that is hell-bent on tormenting, starving, savaging and brutalizing millions of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip for voting for a political party that Israel and the U.S. government, don’t like?

Netanyahu and cohorts might argue that Hamas doesn’t recognize Israel. Well, evil states like Israel shouldn’t be recognized. This is why Nazi Germany was not only denied recognition by the community of nations, but was also pursued until it existed no more.

Which implies that Israel can’t behave and act like Nazi Germany, which it has been doing for years, and at the same time expect to be treated and related to as if it were a paragon of virtue, justice and moral excellence.

True, Hamas doesn’t recognize Israel and probably never will, given the fact that Israel is based on murderous ethnic cleansing, massive land theft, and pornographic distortion of history. A state that is created at the expense of another people is an illegitimate state. This was the case in 1948, and it will be always the same. After all the passage of 43 years, or for that matter 62 years, doesn’t make a theft legal and legitimate.

More to the point, like all criminals and deluded supremacists, Netanyahu looks at the speck of sawdust in Hamas’s eyes but pays no attention to the plank in his own eyes.

Isn’t he aware of the diabolical ideologies of the bulk of the parties making up the Israeli government at the helm of which he stands? Do these mostly fascist parties, such as Ha’bayt ha yahudi, recognize the very existence of the Palestinian people let alone the existence of Palestine?

Moreover, one has every right to ask if the Zio-Nazi state of Israel has any right to demand recognition from the Palestinians when Israel and a majority of Israeli political parties, including Netanyahu’s own Likud, don’t recognize Palestine and the Palestinian people. We are supposed to be living in a moral universe, and wrong can’t and won’t become right just because Zionist Jews happen to be in control of the American government and congress.

I know that the prolonged incarceration, especially when unjust, is painful and frustrating. However, this fact should apply to all human beings, whether Jewish and un-Jewish.

There are thousands of Palestinians held unjustly in Zionist custody. Many of them don’t deserve to remain behind bars a single day. Many are ordinary politicians, community leaders, professionals and peaceable activists who have committed no wrong. Indeed, some Palestinian inmates are made to spend many years in detention camps without charge or trial so that the sadistic Zionist establishment can draw satisfaction from watching the detainees’ protracted suffering and agony.

In fact, the cannibalistic Zionist establishment has on many occasions resorted to violating its own laws regarding Palestinian prisoners in order to further satisfy its cannibalistic instinct.

What else would explain the fact that Israel refuses to release many of the prisoners whose imprisonment terms have expired?

In the final analysis, Netanyahu as a prime minister of a state that uses state-of-the-art of the American technology of death, including White Phosphorus, to exterminate innocent men, women and children, is utterly unqualified to lecture others on terror. Because he and the state he represents are the ultimate symbol and embodiment of terror, evil and criminality.

Yes, Hamas is not perfect and no other movement of national liberation is expected to be perfect.

However, Israel is the last creature under the sun that can claim to be innocent. After all, Israel stole the Palestinian homeland, murdered the Palestinians en mass, destroyed their homes, bulldozed their farms and town, and expelled millions to the four corners of the world.

This fact is should always be kept in mind whenever the enduring Palestinian plight, including Hamas, is brought up for discussion, no matter how often the pornographically mendacious ranting of Netanyahu and other Zionist liars, are repeated on the pages of Zionist mouthpieces such as the Washington Post, New York Times, or the Jerusalem Post.

A lie remains a lie even if repeated a thousand times.

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