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Egypt frees Israelis, keeps Palestinians in detention

Egyptian government released on Wednesday 28/4/2010, an Israeli prisoner detained by an Egyptian patrol squad in Sinai Peninsula area on Saturday 24/4 after he crossed the border into Egyptian side riding his bike.

Sagi Schori,36 , the freed Israeli was treated peacefully by Egyptian authorities.

Sources said that the freed Israeli returned to Israel along with motorcycle, as well as the father has noted that the fact that his son came back with all his equipment, including his cellular phone, shows he wasn’t ill-treated by the Egyptians.

This peaceful dealing with Israeli prisoners shows contradiction of Egyptian government when dealing with Israeli occupation which later described as enemy.

At the time Egyptian authorities release this Israeli prisoner from custody, they refuse releasing the Palestinian prisoners who held for no reasons except smuggling food into hungry people in Gaza.

It is important here to mention that Sagi Schori the Israeli, returned home peacefully , but Youssef Abu Zuhri the Palestinian returned home dead.see the photo below

Youssef Abu Zuhri, the brother and bodyguard of a senior Hamas spokesman, was arrested on April 28, 2009 after crossing into the Egyptian Sinai from the Gaza Strip and was tortured while in custody of the security services.

As humanitarian case, we do call all human rights organizations to put pressure on Egyptian government to release Palestinian prisoners from its jails.

Also, we do ask the Egyptian government to be brave enough, to release our prisoners from its jails, including Ayman Nofal, a military commander arrested for no reason.

This unfairness should have an end, because Palestinians are the honest guards for the Egyptian borders from any Israeli aggression against Egypt.

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