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Lebanon detains 3 spy suspects

30 April 2010 0:43

Lebanese police and army intelligence have arrested three people on charges of spying for Israel, As Safir newspaper reports.

According to the Beirut-based newspaper, the suspects were arrested by intelligence agents in a raid that took place at the village of al-Ain in the town of Bekaa, located about 30 km (about 19 miles) east of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Those arrested were identified by their initials as A.N., M.N. and F.D. The report added that the army confiscated all A.N.’s personal possessions in his photography studio.

Lebanon considers Israel, which carried out a major bombing campaign during the 33-day war with Hezbollah in 2006, as an enemy state. If convicted, the collaborators could receive the death penalty.

In many cases, Hezbollah has discovered and captured spying suspects before handing them to the proper authorities in Lebanon.

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