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PA to press UN for Palestinian state

30 April 2010 13:23

The Palestinian Authority is to call on the United Nations to recognize the Palestinian state, “marginalizing” the US so-called peace efforts, an Israeli paper claims.

The Israeli government is becoming increasingly fearful that the PA pushes through a new related UN Security Council Resolution, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The resolution, which is yet to be voted on, would oblige Israel to retreat behind the borders it invaded in 1967.

Upon implementation, it would also avalanche Israel with the Palestinian refugees which would invoke their right to return. Some 750,000 Palestinians were displaced and forced to live in refugee camps in the aftermath of Israel’s occupation of Palestine in 1948.

The Israeli paper said, doing so, the Palestinian side would sideline the United States attempts to mediate resumption of the talks between PA and Israel.

Some analysts denounce the efforts, which are based on US envoy George Mitchel’s traveling between the two sides, as a shuttling diplomacy in action. They also allege that the efforts are biased in favor of Israel, citing Tel Aviv and Washington’s traditional alliance.

Earlier in the month, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the US bid had reached a deadlock with the Tel Aviv regime’s snubbing calls to freeze its settlement expansion in the occupied territories.

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