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Allawi-Maliki partnership likely

3 May 2010 0:33

An Iraqi politician dismisses the concerns raised by al-Iraqiya Alliance that it could be “sidelined” by rivals in the process of forming a coalition government.

The alliance, which failed to conclusively win the parliamentary elections in March, is in talks with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law coalition over the structure of the upcoming government.

Al-Iraqiya, led by former Premier Iyad Allawi, however, said recently that it could be marginalized in the process, saying that this would lead to “instability” and “insecurity” in the country.

“I think there is quite good possibility that they (al-Iraqiya) will share the government…,” independent politician Akeel al-Saffar told Press TV on Sunday.

An al-Iraqiya-State of Law partnership would rule over 159 seats in parliament, only four short of an absolute majority. Iraqi President Jalal al-Talibani’s Kurdistan Alliance has, meanwhile, said it would join the two factions should they form a partnership.

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