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German Church organizations talk to Hamas

3 May 2010 12:39

Pax Christi, the German Catholic Organization defended itself against Israeli media campaign for an official invitation offered by Pax Christi for Palestinian Health Minister in Hamas government Dr-Basim Naim to participate in a seminar discussing the Palestinian rights and Israeli occupation.

The organization insists on calling the Palestinian minister for the seminar , titled (a partner for peace -there is no substitute for dialogue with Fatah and Hamas), which is going to be held in cooperation with the Academy of Protestantism in Bad Boll city in the period from 11 to 13th of next June.

Fateh representatives and many other Palestinian organizations were invited by both organizations to attend the seminar. In addition, Israeli government and German deputies ,academic figures, and many expertes who are interested in Palestinian situation were involved.

Themes of discussion

According to the program of the seminar, discussions will focus on the reasons for the West to isolate Hamas, while supporting and promoting the Fatah movement, which accused formerly of “terrorism”.

Another Part of this debate will discuss the historical background, and instant reality of Hamas movement and Fateh, and reasons of worsening between both factions at present time, and future relationship between the two movements. Also , views by both, will be discussed to resolve occupation matter in Arab area, and possible German role to resolve this matter.

Pax Christi sent thanks for ” the politicians from different German parties and the Protestant Academy for supporting the seminar, despite all attacks waged by Israeli propaganda which demonstrates the loss of the compass and the absence of any projection for the future situation of Arab area”.

Israeli attack

German church organization interested in peace affairs, mentioned that the attack by Israeli media to call for health minister in the Hamas government is an extension of the earlier attacks, directed against the activities set up in the past years, and pointed out that these attacks have not received any echo in public opinion inside and outside Germany.
In a statement released by the mentioned organization, pointed out that this new seminar is considered as one of a series of activities set up in the recent years, and organized in cooperation with Protestant Academy, discussing occupation issue and solutions for resolving it peacefully.

The Pax Christi to seeking through its close ties to the Israeli peace movements and Palestinian human rights organizations, to develop a vision outlining a peaceful solution away from violence in Arab world.

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