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Human rights, West’s next ploy on Iran

3 May 2010 0:55

A senior Iranian official says although Iran has gotten beyond Western-led nuclear challenges, it still faces provocations by the West under the pretext of human rights.

Secretary General of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani reiterated that the second major and “greater” challenge, after the nuclear issue, that has been brought by the West against Iran concerns human rights issues and resolutions of (UN’s) International human rights bodies.

Speaking to a judicial council in the southern city of Bushehr on Sunday, Larijani, who also serves as the international affairs advisor to Iran’s Judiciary Chief, noted that despite the recent harsh rhetoric by Western powers on Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, they have no other choice but getting along with a nuclear Iran, IRNA reported.

He said despite the persistence of allegations against Iran’s nuclear energy, there is a wide consensus within the country, even among those opposed to the establishment, in favor of Tehran’s right to a peaceful nuclear program.

The former deputy foreign minister also underlined the need for Iranian judges and legal experts to keep current on their study and familiarity of judicial procedures of other countries and regularly participate in global summits on legal issues.

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