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Iraqis blame violence surge on US

3 May 2010 6:13

Iraqis are calling for an end to delays in the formation of a new government as more blame US interventions for a surge in violence across the country.

The calls follow a hike in terrorist attacks across Iraq which a report by the Amnesty International partially blamed on the air of uncertainty shrouding the fraud-tainted March 7 elections.

Baghdad saw more than 10 car bomb attacks in April alone, some of which targeted the Iranian, Egyptian and German embassies in the capital city. The blasts also left more than 170 people killed and hundreds more wounded.

The bloodshed is largely blamed on the US interventions in the country’s internal affairs and consequent security gaps which stunt the formation of a new Iraqi government.

Many say the US forces are not capable of establishing security in Iraq while others go further to accuse them of being behind the unrelenting terrorist attacks in the country.

“The Americans are behind all the terrorist attacks and even delays in the formation of the new Iraqi government. But we still hope that the Iraqi officials will pass this obstacle and form government soon,” one Iraqi man told Press TV in Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Fattah al-Sheik, a member of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s al-Iraqiya coalition, said Iraqis “have started to blame the government by saying that the officials have forgotten their duty of serving the country, and this has weakened the performance of the government.”

The fall in people’s confidence in the government could mean a serious blow to the Baghdad government and the country’s security.

General Qassim Atta, the spokesman for the Baghdad security operation center, says civilians have been providing security forces with useful tips which have helped foil a notable number of terrorist attempts.

“The security forces are working according to intelligence information that we receive from people. People’s cooperation is one of the main things that can bring stability to the country,” Atta stressed.

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