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Israel shells houses, farms in Gaza

5 May 2010 0:20

Israeli tanks have shelled residential areas and agricultural lands in the Gaza Strip.

Both incidents occurred on Tuesday, the International Middle East Media Center reported.

In the first attack, houses close to Gaza City were damaged.

In the second assault, farmers were forced to flee farmlands in eastern Gaza close to the border with Israel.

There were no reports of injuries from the attacks.

The IMEMC report also said an incursion by Israeli tanks and bulldozers into areas in the southern Gaza Strip near Rafah city earlier on Tuesday damaged farmers’ crops.

Agriculture has been one of the Gaza Strip’s staple sources of livelihood ever since mid-June 2007, when Tel Aviv imposed an all-out blockade on the territory, tightening the restrictions it had already put in place.

In addition, Israel has declared 20 percent of the arable land in Gaza a no-go area.

Israeli forces maintain constant surveillance of the area and attack any farmer who approaches the “buffer zone.”

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