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Saudi prince talks spy ring in Kuwait

5 May 2010 13:46

Saudi Defense Minister Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz addressed reports of an alleged Iranian espionage ring being dismantled in Kuwait, in a two-day visit to the Arab nation.

In a report published on Saturday, Al-Qabas daily claimed that security agencies in Kuwait had disbanded an espionage ring that they believe was working for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

The report was instantly dismissed by Iran as a “ploy to cause regional phobia towards the IRGC and its efforts to promote security in the Middle East.”

On Sunday, Prince Sultan warned that the Kingdom attaches great importance to security in Kuwait, which is home to scores of US military bases.

“Kuwaiti security is important for us all. A ring uncovered in Kuwait is like a ring uncovered in Saudi Arabia.”

The Saudi Defense Minister went on to praise what he described as “the vigilance” of Kuwaiti intelligence forces and added that “all nations are entitled to take whatever measures they deem necessary to secure their interests.”

Observers believe the alleged spy ring was in fact a “nationalist opposition movement”, which seek to curb the growing presence of US military forces in Kuwait.

Washington has expanded the reach of its military presence in Arab states particularly in the Persian Gulf region. The US has stationed more than 15,000 US soldiers in the Arifjan military base, 70km south of Kuwait City.

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