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NAM once again supports Iran nuclear work

7 May 2010 12:24

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said all nations welcome a world without nuclear weapons.

Talking in a meeting with representatives of Non-Aligned Movements (NAM) in the UN headquarters, Mottaki described nuclear disarmament and helping the developing countries membering NPT in using peaceful nuclear energy as the important goals of NPT.

Complete annihilation of nuclear weapons is the most important part of NPT which was ignored, he said adding the time for implementing it is ripe.

He continued it is necessary that all countries, NAM member states in particular, develop the culture of annihilationi of atomic weapons in the world.

He appreciated NAM for supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nucear activities.

Over fuel swap, Mottaki said the proposal for fuel exchange is still on the table and it could be implemented via a political will.

In the meeting, a number of representatives of NAM member countries, for their parts, once again put their weight behind Tehran for gaining its legal right in using peaceful nuclear energy.

They called IRI as a pioneer in initiation of a Middle East free from nuclear weapons, stressing the Zionist regime with over 200 nuclear warheads is the major obstacle in the way of reaching the goal.

They blasted some countries possessing nuclear weapons for backing the Zionist regime and called them to cut their support.

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