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Iran’s naval drills go on in S. waters

8 May 2010 10:13

Iran has launched the third phase of a major naval maneuver in the country’s southern waters of the Straight of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman in a display of its military might.

During the fourth day of the drill on Saturday, hovercrafts strafed mock enemy targets while vessels, destroyers, and frigates blocked their advance towards Iran’s territorial waters, a Press TV correspondent reported.

In another coordinated joint operation, Iran’s navy speed boats, backed by the Air Force jet fighters, stopped an invading enemy vessel and captured commandos on board.

Certain tactical operations were also conducted in the third stage of the naval drills, including electronic countermeasures (ECM) as well as disabling enemy radars and communication systems.

The third phase of the drill is scheduled to continue with reconnaissance and drone aircrafts conducting interception operations.

The massive drill code-named Velayat 89 began last Wednesday. It will be carried out in six phases and is scheduled to last eight days.

Speaking before the commencement of the drills, Navy commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that by holding the maneuvers, Iran sought to display its prowess in defending the country’s territory while conveying a message of “peace and friendship” to the regional states.

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