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Kakavand vows to sue US authorities

8 May 2010 0:53

Iranian citizen Majid Kakavand, who has been acquitted of all charges brought against him in France, has vowed to take legal action against US authorities.

“Given that I have spent fourteen months in jail on false charges, it is my legal right to sue US authorities as soon as possible,” said Kakavand, who arrived in Tehran early Saturday, IRNA reported.

A French court issued a verdict a few days ago to release Kakavand from prison after dropping charges brought against him by the United States.

Washington had accused Kakavand, 37, of violating an export embargo by purchasing US technology for military firms in Iran.

The White House had asked France to extradite the Iranian national to the US.

However, French prosecutors rejected the US request, explaining the French arms agency DGA had concluded that the electronics components purchased by Kakavand could not be considered as potentially dangerous, dual-use technology that could be modified for military applications.

“The allegations by US authorities were not punishable in France at that time,” the lead prosecutor told the hearing attended by US justice officials.

Kakavand, an Iranian businessman, was arrested on March 20, 2009 in France when he arrived in the country to spend the Iranian New Year holidays, which begins on March 21.

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