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US attack on Iran political suicide

8 May 2010 12:08

Former European Union lawmaker Giulietto Chiesa has placed a US attack on Iran on a par with political suicide for President Barack Obama.

In an interview with Dirreta News, the renowned Italian politician and journalist said that Washington has no hope of convincing Russia and China to join a military confrontation with Iran.

“I would say, they (Russia and China) would be standing on the riverbank to see the floating political corpse of Obama. However, they cannot do more than try to dissuade. Otherwise they too will end up in the crosshairs,” Chiesa stressed.

In recent remarks, Russian Chief of General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Makarov described a war on Iran as “disastrous.”

In response to a question on the significance of Makarov’s comments, Chiesa said that “in case of an attack against Iran, both Russia and China will do nothing. They will disagree, condemn it. Period.”

He added that Moscow and Beijing are fully aware that the US and Israel are mulling the military option and will refrain from tangling themselves in something they are sure will end in “psychological and political defeat.”

When asked why other Russian politicians have employed a “softer” tone in opposing an attack on Iran, Chiesa interpreted the flexibility as a tactical decision.

“The ‘softness’ is pure tactical representation: register as a partner. But as America has never considered them partners, they too believe they can never be partners with America.”

Chiesa also warned that the war could have disastrous global consequences.

“Perhaps this will mark the last ‘traditional’ war in the form of US carpet bombings. This will prepare the grounds for another type of conflict — one that is bigger and more dangerous.”

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