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UK new premier forming cabinet

12 May 2010 12:51

Britain’s new premier has kicked off the process of picking his cabinet members, amid pledges that his government would be a “full and proper” coalition block.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats agreed to create Britain’s first coalition government in 65 years.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Nick Clegg, is going to serve as Cameron’s deputy, while Conservatives George Osborne and William Hague will take charge as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary respectively.

Hague characterized the new cabinet as a “realignment” of British politics.

“We have written into this agreement that we agree there should be no further transfer of sovereignty or powers over the course of the next Parliament, and that was not a difficult item to agree with the Liberal Democrats,” he said.

According to Sky News, Cameron and Clegg had agreed that a Liberal Democrat would be appointed in every high-profile government department.

The Liberal Democrats will occupy five cabinet positions including Clegg’s post. The new coalition government ends 13 years of Labor rule.

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