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Israelis kill Palestinian teen in WB

14 May 2010 5:35

Israeli settlers have shot dead a Palestinian youth in the occupied West Bank over a protest against Israelis’ obstruction of roads in the area.

Palestinian security sources say the slain 14-year-old boy was from the village of Mazra’a al-Sharqia near Ramallah.

The teenage boy was killed when an Israeli settler shot at a number of Palestinian youths protesting against the settlers’ prevention of Palestinian access to the “only” safe road near the village, local youths said later on Thursday.

An Israeli army source has confirmed that shots were fired in that neighborhood Thursday night.

It claims that the settlers opened fire after stones were thrown at their cars.

The Palestinian villagers have been denied access to the safe route and forced to use another mountain path, unsafe and usually flooded in winters, to reach Ramallah.

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