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UK vows to back US against Iran

15 May 2010 7:31

Days after the establishment of a new British government, Foreign Secretary William Hague vows to work with the US against Iran, going so far as to consider military action against Tehran.

In his first official visit to the US, Hague pledged support for a new round of UN Security Council resolutions against Iran over its nuclear work.

“The United Kingdom will work solidly alongside the United States to secure the Security Council resolution,” the British minister said at a Friday joint press conference with his US counterpart Hillary Clinton.

Reaffirming the UK’s undoubted alliance with the US, Hague said that the new British government’s policy on Iran would not differ much from that of the previous government.

Asked whether the US and UK would be compelled to discuss military action against Iran, Hague said, “We’ve never ruled out supporting, in the future, military action, but we’re not calling for it.”

The US has been leading efforts for the imposition of a new round of UNSC sanctions against Iran over the country’s nuclear program.

Britain and France, both among the five permanent UNSC members with veto power, have thrown their weight behind the US push for new sanctions.

The UNSC comprises of five permanent members — Britain, China, France, Russia and the US — and 10 temporary ones. For a resolution to pass, it needs at least nine votes in favor and no veto by permanent members.

Iran says any punitive measure against its nuclear work would be legally baseless and unfair as the country’s nuclear program is being fully monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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