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Iran MP optimistic on G15 prospects

16 May 2010 6:28

As world leaders prepare to attend the G15 summit in Tehran, a senior Iranian lawmaker says the meeting will prove to be an “absolute success.”

“The 14th Summit of the Group of 15 developing countries in Tehran will undoubtedly leave a deep impact, not only on member states, but also on the entire world,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said on Saturday.

“US officials should take a minute to rectify their current stance and adopt a more practical approach in dealing with world affairs,” he added.

Boroujerdi said the G15 summit, which is scheduled to officially kick off on Monday, will prove to be an “absolute success” as it will testify to the futility of US hopes for the diplomatic and economic isolation of Iran at the global scene.

“The summit shows that the United States and some of its Western allies were wrong to think that they can push Iran into isolation.”

With the main goal of promoting economic cooperation and providing input for other international groups, the Group of 15 was established in September 1989 during the ninth Non-Aligned Movement conference in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Later on three other countries joined the group.

As the current chairman of the 18-nation bloc, Iran believes closer cooperation among member states would significantly raise the G15 share in commodity, service, and capital markets.

The 14th Summit of the G15 will draw world leaders and senior representatives to Tehran to discuss a wide range of international issues, most importantly further development in the energy, security and environmental sector.

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