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G15 meeting kicks off in Tehran Monday

17 May 2010 2:45

14th meeting of the Group 15 will be held in Tehran on Monday May 17, 2010. The Islamic Republic of Iran chaired the rotating chairmanship of the summit and Sri Lanka will be the head of the next G15 meeting.

Emir of Qatar as well as presidents or prime ministers of Turkey, Syria, Algeria, Brazil, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Sri Lanka and Indonesia will participate in the event.

Foreign ministers of India, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt and Nigeria will also participate in the meeting.

Also Belarusian deputy foreign minister and ambassadors of Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Jamaica will be present at the event.

High ranking officials from different countries as well as 300 foreign and domestic reporters will arrive in Tehran on Sunday’s afternoon to cover the meeting.

The Group of 15 was established at the 9th Non-Aligned Movement Summit Meeting in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in September 1989, with a common goal of enhanced growth and prosperity in its member states.

Meanwhile, a ministerial meeting of the Group of 15 (G15) developing countries would be held in the IRI Foreign Ministry’s political studies office on Sunday.

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