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Israeli soldiers attack wall protesters

17 May 2010 2:42

Israeli soldiers injure three civilians and arrest eight for protesting against construction of a wall and attempting to stop military bulldozers from destroying Palestinian orchards.

Israeli soldiers attacked the anti-wall protesters with rifle butts and batons, injuring three international supporters and arresting eight others in the town of Beit Jala near Beth Lahm (Bethlehem), in southern West Bank.

Palestinians complain that the new section of the wall in Beit Jala, will surround a nearby settler-only road and destroy about 75 acres of land owned by Palestinian residents. The construction will reportedly destroy centuries-old olive trees and will “pass right through the front door of 35 families.”

The town of Beit Jala alone has lost 3,200 of the 4,200 acres of Palestinian land due to illegal Israeli settlements and their roads.

Residents and the Municipality of Beit Jala challenged the legality of the wall in the Israeli supreme court of Justice after the Tel Aviv regime announced in 2006 its plans to construct the wall.

However, the Israeli court has so far failed to announce any decision on the case. Last month, the Israelis began constructing the wall.

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