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PA postpones decision on OJ at UNESCO

17 May 2010 0:53

Hamas has condemned the PA ambassador to the UNESCO for delaying a vote on occupied Jerusalem at the organization’s executive council, describing it as a “shameful conduct”.

The movement in a statement on Saturday called on all Palestinian national factions to denounce and expose this “collusion”.

It affirmed that Jerusalem is not a bargain to be tampered with by persons who do not represent the Palestinian people, underlining it would not recognize any resolution that would undermine the Palestinian people’s right to Jerusalem and its holy shrines.

Hamas recalled that the PA representative at the UN had previously betrayed the blood of Gaza children and postponed the voting on Goldstone’s report that incriminated Israel for war crimes, which only gave Israel the green light to continue its crimes.

The PA representative at UNESCO Elias Sanbar had agreed to delay a vote on occupied Jerusalem at the request of its new director general so as to evade a failure at the first session for the executive council she attends.

Arab delegates were dismayed at the PA’s unilateral decision that postponed voting on five decisions concerning Palestine topped by the one on Jerusalem.

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