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Chavez praises Iran nuclear declaration

18 May 2010 12:15

The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says trilateral nuclear meeting between Iran, Brazil and Turkey was a big blow to imperialism and hegemony.

Chavez made the remark in a phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart on Tuesday.

“Venezuelan Revolution will back Islamic Republic’s efforts to fight against Imperialism and reform oppressive structures,” Chavez said.

The Venezuelan president further expressed his deep sorrow for not attending the G15 summit despite previous arrangements.

“It was quite hard for me not to take part in such an important summit,” he asserted.

Ahmadinejad, for his part, referred to the deeply-rooted ties between Iran and Venezuela and said, “both countries should boost mutual collaboration at various levels” by proposing new projects in all fields of technology.

The Iranian chief executive further highlighted that Iran and Venezuela have common approaches towards various global issues and Tehran and Caracas “will stay together to fight against Imperialism.”

On Monday, Iran, Brazil and Turkey issued a nuclear declaration whereby Tehran is to ship 1200 kg of its 3.5 percent enriched uranium over to Turkey in exchange for 120 kg of 20 percent enriched uranium.

Composed of countries from North America, South America, Africa and Asia, the G15 focuses on cooperation among developing countries in the areas of investment, trade, and technology.

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