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Hamas downplays Israel’s threats to re-occupy Gaza

19 May 2010 5:32

Islamic resistance movement Hamas downplayed on Tuesday reports of Zionist plans to re-occupy the Gaza Strip.

“It’s a meaningless psychological war that aims at reducing the morale of the Palestinian people and their resistance,” Hamas spokesperson, Fawzi Barhoum said.

The Zionist daily Maariv said Tuesday in a report that Zionist military officials have set a plan to re-occupy the Gaza Strip, which Zionist entity unilaterally left in 2005 after evacuating its 21 illegal settlements there.

The Hamas spokesperson said that these attempts “can never affect the Palestinian people who patiently endured” a three-week Israeli war on Gaza, affirming that his movement is “ready to defy any Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.”

In December 2008, Zionist entity launched a three-week fierce war on the Gaza Strip and killed more than 1440, injured 5000 Palestinian civilians and destroyed more than 20,000 houmes.

The Zionist war on Gaza left thousands of people homeless after having their houses totally or partially destroyed.

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