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Israel mulling reoccupation of Gaza

19 May 2010 0:46

With the settlement row still rumbling on, the Israeli army has reportedly prepared several scenarios for a possible reoccupation of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli military officials held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss a possible full occupation of Gaza, Israel’s Maariv daily said on its website.

The officials also mulled over appointing a “military governor” should Israel decide to redeploy its army to the coastal sliver.

The plan by the army is being devised as Israeli military leaders predicted that a war could take place with Syria and Lebanon along with resistance groups in Gaza, the report added.

The scenarios mainly depend on invading major cities in the Gaza Strip and imposing full military control on them, the daily reported.

Israel launched a military attack against the Gaza Strip on December 2008 and continued pounding the costal sliver through January 2009. The three week onslaught left about 1,400 Palestinians — mostly civilians — dead.

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