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US introduces new sanctions resolution

19 May 2010 2:01

The US has introduced a draft sanctions resolution that targets Iran’s military, financial, and shipping activities.

The US ambassador to the United Nations said the resolution would give “greater teeth” to existing sanctions to intensify pressure on Iran over its nuclear program.

“The draft resolution restates the [UN Security] Council’s demand that Iran suspend its enrichment activities and other proliferation sensitive nuclear activities,” Ambassador Susan Rice stated on Tuesday.

“It would then impose broad-band sanctions targeting a wide range of pressure points associated with Iran’s nuclear and proliferation activities,” she added.

“It would create new expectation on Iran to comply with its IAEA obligations. It would ban Iran’s investment in sensitive nuclear activities abroad. It would impose binding new restrictions on Iran’s import of conventional arms,” she stated.

“It would ban all activities related to Iran’s ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons. It would impose a comprehensive cargo inspections framework to deter or detect and stop Iran’s smuggling and acquisition of ballistic materials or sensitive nuclear items,” Rice said.

“It has provisions to block Iran’s use of the international financial system, particularly its banks when they may be used to fund proliferation and nuclear activities,” she added.

The new draft resolution introduced by the US comes only one day after Iran, Turkey, and Brazil signed a declaration in Tehran that names Turkey as the site of a nuclear fuel swap in which Tehran would exchange its low-enriched uranium for reactor fuel.

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