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Iran arms ground against enemies

20 May 2010 15:46

A senior Iranian military commander says the country is to deploy remote-controlled weapons on its border areas, to be used in case of any attack by enemies.

The Commander of Iran’s Ground Forces Brig. Gen. Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan noted that the country’s breakthroughs in defense technologies have made it possible for the country to use the “armed ground tactic” against enemies.

“One of the tactics that the Ground Forces will use is the armed ground tactic,” Fars news agency quoted Pourdastan as saying on Thursday.

“Our enemies may have good air force, navy or advanced missiles but in order to achieve victory they will need their troops on the ground,” he stated.

“This is why we have identified all [Iran’s] border grounds and we have deployed troops there and in some areas that deployment of troops was not possible, we use remote-controlled weapons that have very sensitive sensors,” he added.

“So if any enemy enters these areas it will face either soldiers or weaponry that act as soldiers and will target them,” Pourdastan explained.

“The forces and weapons that will be used in the tactic are already determined and we are ready to implement the tactic in a short time against any threat,” he said.

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