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Iran: US main root of Afghan extremism

Iran’s foreign minister calls US the main perpetrator of radicalism in Afghanistan reiterating that the country’s difficulties can only be resolved through regional collaboration.

Flawed policies imposed on Afghanistan (by Western forces) have inflicted “extensive negative consequences” on this region’s states and people, said Manouchehr Mottaki in a meeting with the Special Representative of UN Secretary General for Afghanistan Staffan de Mistura, IRIB reported Sunday.

In the meeting, Mottaki described Afghanistan as one of the region’s major issues, adding that troubles in the country such as insecurity, radicalism, and narcotics still persist.

The Iranian foreign minister noted that Tehran was prepared to cooperate in generating progress in Afghanistan’s situation.

He also pointed to extensive efforts Iran has made in helping the people of Afghanistan and the enormous costs endured as the result of the persisting insecurity in the country.

The UN official, noting Iran’s role in hosting several million Afghans in the past years, stated that the Islamic Republic has incurred “huge costs” in its efforts to bring stability in Afghanistan and “the UN is well aware of this.”

De Minstura also expressed UN’s optimism for resolving Afghanistan’s crisis with the aid of regional countries, emphasizing Iran’s major role in the effort.

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