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US soldier killed in action in Iraq

24 May 2010 14:03

The US military has announced that an American soldier has been killed in Iraq as the number of US casualties in the country reaches 30 this year.

The soldier was killed “while conducting operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom,” the army said in a statement on Monday, AFP reported.

The military did not give any further details.

Earlier on Saturday, the US military announced that two US soldiers had been killed in separate incidents in Iraq on Thursday and Friday.

According to an international anti-war organization, the continuing fatalities among US troops in Iraq are indicative of their involvement in ‘secret operations.’

Director of the War and Peace Foundation, Kevin Sanders, told Press TV that the fact that the US soldiers are killed off-base in Iraq shows that the Americans are violating certain restrictions.

Under a 2008 deal signed between Washington and Baghdad, the movement of US troops is limited to their bases and all unilateral operations should have technically come to a halt in 2009.

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