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For Iran, no isolation on the cards

27 May 2010 9:35

The Iranian president has slammed what he described as the tyrannical policies of the West, saying no bullying power or corporate structure can isolate the Iranian nation.

Speaking in Iran’s southern province of Kerman on Wednesday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the West could not do away with Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979 even at the time of its establishment and neither could it later abolish the system with the assistance of bullying dictators such as Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein.

The Iranian president further pointed out that comments about the isolation of the Islamic Republic and Western efforts for the imposition of sanctions on Iran were solely face-saving measures aimed at protecting the Western community from its downfall.

“It is the Iranian nation that will isolate many of such countries,” he added.

President Ahmadinejad went on to draw parallels between the global hegemony and Saddam Hussein, explaining that such tyrannical system would fall in the future just like the deposed Iraqi ruler did.

The Iranian chief executive also noted that the present trend of affairs on the global stage was the harbinger of a new world order.

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