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Resistance ready to face any Israeli offensive

Chairman of Department of International Relations of the Hamas movement, Osama Hamdan, said on Wednesday that the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance believe that the Syrian role serves the interests of the region, although it does not satisfy others.

Hamdan revealed in statements made in the Qatari capital of Doha the readiness of the resistance to face any coming war with (Israel).

“Nowadays, Zionists military and political leaders faces unprecedented question which is: ‘Can the state the occupation achieve its goals in such war, or not?’” Hamdan said.

Hamdan explained that the occupation has been fighting earlier in accordance with guaranteed results, but now there are a lot of doubts about the results that it can achieve in all battles even in Gaza.

He pointed out that the Israeli Occupation had started the aggression on Gaza at the end of 2008 to topple the Hamas government, and then this goal turned to stop the rockets and then to punish Hamas; and this indicates that the idea of going to war will not be easy, not only on the Palestinian or Lebanese side but also on the Zionist one.

He continued: “The talk about the war is not issue new or strange matter, because Palestine lives in a permanent war of the ongoing Zionist aggression. And when they talk about war before the whole world, it means they mean it”, stressing that the resistance is prepared to face in all cases.

Hamdan concluded his remarks by saying: “We must all acknowledge that the peace process had failed, and this is confirmed by the journey of direct and indirect negotiations, The compromise became a dead body with no hope to revive it.”

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