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Terror leader Rigi appears in court

28 May 2010 0:59

Leader of Jundallah terrorist group Abdolmalek Rigi, who was arrest on flight from the UAE to Kyrgyzstan, has appeared in court for the first time.

Rigi was charged with 79 counts of different crimes including terrorism on Thursday.

The families of the victims of Jundallah’s terrorist attacks were present in the courtroom.

Rigi, accompanied by his lawyer, pleaded guilty to all charges. He expressed regret for his crimes and asked for forgiveness.

He said his actions had all been based on ignorance, prejudice, and hatred. The prosecutors have demanded the death penalty for Rigi.

The terrorist leader has already confessed to having links with NATO officials in Afghanistan and foreign spy agencies like the CIA.

Iranian security forces arrested Rigi on February 23, while he was on a plane to Kyrgyzstan from Dubai.

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