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Egypt is condemned, 6 killed 14 wounded

30 May 2010 11:39

Six Palestinians were killed and 14 others injured on Saturday as a smuggling tunnel collapsed after gas canisters exploded, medical sources said.

Medics and witnesses said that the accident occurred as the canisters were being smuggled through the tunnel under the Egypt-Gaza border.

They said that the tunnel collapsed as a result of the explosion, adding that one of the wounded was in critical condition.

Egyptian authority still refusing to open Rafah crossing , the only gate for Gaza with the external world.

Mubarak’s regime is conspirator with Israeli occupation as preventing humanitarian supplies, food, fuel and medication from entering to besieged people in Gaza Strip.While many Palestinian tunnel workers die, as they trying to smuggle simple humanitarian supplies for their besieged people in Gaza

Israeli occupation is still imposing unjust siege on Gaza people what caused of huge humanitarian crisis condemned by the international community and human rights organisations.

Many Palestinian patients died due to Egyptian arrogance when perventing those patients from travelling abraod for treatement.

Death cases due to Egyptian arrogance, reached till now more than 400 cases ,most of them were children and women.

These crimes committed by Mabarak’s regime were condemned by human rights organisations and considered as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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